Monday, February 28, 2011

How I Survive Winter

Winter is doable for me through about New Year's.  After that, it becomes one long 3-month ordeal to Spring.  Winter means cold hands, wet feet, an assortment of fevers, viruses and infections, short days, and early nights.  It just isn't my favorite, or 2nd favorite, or 3rd favorite season.  And while I enjoy a good sweater wearing season, that is what Fall is for.  Winter is for Christmas, and then I want it to be warm again.

So, I have had to come up with survival tactics.  I drink hot chocolate, wear wool socks, layer with sweaters and have space heaters strategically placed around the house.  And I also have taken up snow shoeing.  And by taking up, I mean I go a couple times of year.  But those couple of times are literal magic.  There is something about walking through a snow covered forest, breathing fresh air (out of the inversion!), and watching Oliver bomb-dive snow piles that just makes my heart happy.  And here we are with two of my dearest friends, Marianne and Bryan.  I love these two so much.  Marianne is the instigator of lots of the good things in my life.  Bread class?  That was all her.  Snow shoeing on this Saturday?  Their idea too.  They even brought hot apple cider, crackers and Nutella on our adventure.  Everyone needs friends like these.

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Marianne said...

A great time was had that day. Little Lucy loved the snow and I still feel bad about Scott having to scramble up the mountain with a Lucy on his back. The dogs were happy, too.

We do love you three and enjoyed our snow hike.