Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I'm not sure why I'm posting this, except that I put a lot of thought into our meals for the week, so it is fun for me to see what the whole week looks like.  I have really enjoyed getting into cooking the last few months.  We have definitely had a focus of healthy eating, so I like to find food blogs that have delicious and good-for-you recipes.  I also look for things that work well as leftovers, since I'm making a big focus on eating lunch, versus just grabbing something.  So, without further ado, The Meal Plan for this week,

Monday: Roasted Tomato Soup/Toasted Wheat Bread/Balsamic Roasted Zucchini
Tuesday: Lemon Basil Salmon/Spinach Salad (Scott did this one, so no recipe)
Wednesday: Wholewheat Pizza/Caramelized Onions/Cherry Tomatoes/Fresh Mozzarella
Thursday: Roasted Tomato Soup/Grilled Cheese
Friday: Chicken Lettuce Wraps/Brown Rice
Saturday: Pumpkin Waffles/Caramelized Cinnamon Apples/Fresh Squeezed OJ

Mmmmmmmm.  So yummy.  I did all of the grocery shopping today, and it felt so good (and expensive) to have all these ingredients in the house waiting to be made.  I modified the soup recipe.  I didn't mix the bread in, because I thought it was thick enough and I like to dip the bread in soup.  Also, I roasted half an onion, and extra garlic.

I'm always on the hunt for recipes.  What do you like to cook for dinner?


Marianne said...

Well, I happened to check your blog because of your lovely post about me. So food:

Lately, I love hummus on toast with a cucumber on top. Not really an entire meal, but a very delicious and filling snack. For dinner, though, I love homemade soups like beef stew, butternut squash and tomato stew with couscous, buttnernut squash and corn soup, potato soup and my most recent fave, lentil soup (see Martha Stewart's website). I also love my mother's chicken tortilla casserole with some homemade rolls or call me crazy, but I even like tator tot casserole. I never make it because it grosses Bryan out, but I do love it. Plus, I can't wait for warmer weather because then our dinners are usually a protein-based smoothie.

Anonymous said...

All sounds good. I think that Lentil soup sounds good. I had lentil stew from a gal at work and it was really good.

I want to figure out Roosters Grilled Navajo Chicken with marinated chicken breast, roasted vegetable salsa, creamy pepper jack cheese sauce and spanish rice. The roasted vegetables are wonderful.