Friday, March 11, 2011

Zions = Sanity

For Valentine's I gave Scott a trip to Zions. We have had a long winter with too many colds and illnesses, so some 60 degree weather sounded just about right.  It was a quick trip; one day to drive down, one day to explore, and one more day to come home.  I think mid-winter trips should be mandatory. Too many days of cold weather sinks the spirit.

Unfortunately, we didn't get 60 degree weather. Fortunately, the park was basically empty, our favorite eateries were open, and our suite was super cheap and luxurious. Unfortunately, I brought the wrong batteries for my camera. Fortunately, I had a used one that still had some juice. Unfortunately, I left my camera bag in the car (which I never do), and my battery ran out on our hike. Unfortunately, I walked all the day down, leaving Scott and Lucy, only to realize no batteries (but then yes! a battery that worked), to walk all the way back, only to realize I was basically at the end of the hike when I turned around. Fortunately, I got these photos. Fortunately, we could drive our car, versus taking the tram. Unfortunately, there were only porta-potty's open. 

All in all, though, the trip was pretty drama free. Lucy did great in the car, Scott and I relaxed, the park was beautiful and our illnesses were on the mend. All was good until Lucy woke up the morning we were leaving with the stomach flu.  Plus there was a huge storm warning in effect. Luckily, Lucy finished her puking before we left and made it home sick free. We also beat the storm (for the most part), which was lucky, because a few hours after we left all the mountain passes were closed, and there were 9 inches in Beaver. No offense to Beaver, but I didn't want to get trapped there. Fortunately, the puking woke us up 2 hours earlier than normal, and we therefore got on the road before most of it hit.

And that is my very long story of our very short trip.  More pictures over here. Bonus points if you can find Scott in one of the photos. Also, I decided on this trip I want to hike the Narrows. I have always wanted to, and I think this year is the year to do it.

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