Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lucy Updates

Life can be hectic. Like when Lucy decided to start waking up at 6:30, AND stop taking her 2nd nap last week. And then Scott worked late 2 nights. There was editing to do, and cleaning, and food to cook, and showers to take and appointments to make. And I'd like to say that I was calm and collected, but instead I was blow drying my hair, while Lucy tried to get into the toilet, which meant I was blow drying my hair, with my foot on the toilet seat while Lucy yelled at me. She threw her food, hated having her diaper changed, and kept trying to dump boxes of cereal.  I knew how much those naps meant to my sanity and ability to feel organized, cleaned, and fed, but I didn't REALLY know. Those extra 6 hours that Scott worked this week felt like an extra 40. Lately, Lucy has been so bored and destructive, and I can't seem to find the thing to capture her attention. I think it comes from too much time in too small quarters. I know I've failed Lucy because the one time we did try to go out and play in the snow this week she freaked. To be fair, the snow was deep, and she almost immediately face planted. I'm grateful for the sunny weather that finally came our way.  Walks have been our lifesaver. I've been trying to figure it out. How do I work from home, keep exercising, cook healthy food, play and love Lucy, and keep myself clean and decent? And what about Oliver? He definitely gets the short end. Last week was hard. But every week I resolve to be more present. I always seem to fail this. I think winter is hard in general. Spring brings walks to the park, and picnics, and playgrounds. But here are some Lucy updates, because, you know, I never tire of posting them.

-Lucy now says, Choo choo, while moving her arm up and down.  It's really cute.
-She likes to stomp around in her snow boots. She loves wearing any boots and fusses until we put them on her.
-She has a pouty face she makes, where she puts out her lips and purses. Where did she get that?
-She loves to have dance parties, and shakes her booty pretty funny.
-Her new words are, some (as in wants some), box, dance, mine (uh oh) and thank you.
-Lucy thinks everyone is her friend and walks into a room expecting all the kids to love her and play with her.
-She is finally getting over her stranger anxiety, now holds out her arms to all the girls (sorry, no boys)
-She is getting big. In the tub she looks huge. In her crib she looks huge. I was telling this to my neighbor and she said I should have another. Sigh.


Marette said...

Lucy is pretty cute here, she's a little adventurer that just got distracted by the ground.

Nicolette said...

I just had to comment. Winter has been really really rough for us with Westin. He gets really bored and cranky too. I am so ready for Spring to get here!

Taryn said...

I loved catching up, I HATE missing it all in person.