Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Fun

Scott and I have been wanting to plan an outdoor movie night ever since we moved into our house. And 4 years later, we never have. We got close last year, with our Lost Party Finale, but typical, it rained. Magically, though, I had a Friday free AND it was sunny and nice. Since we have disastrously burned pizza on the grill twice, we wanted to give calzones a try.

And it ended up being a win, win, win. We invited some family over, made up some dough, hung up a sheet and were ready to go. The only small problem with outdoor movies, is that it doesn't really work until 9 PM. It's not for the faint of heart (all you over 30 and younger than 3!) Wait, that was just about all of us.

Here are some photos of the affair. Yeah, our yard is big and crazy. Do you see all the gopher mounds? Or the huge patches of dirt. For some reason, that never stops little 20-month old toes.

A lucky star does not hang over me. I took this photo literally 2 seconds before it started raining. Until that moment, we had no idea it was coming. Reminds me of the time it rained out our Lost Party. Or my wedding. Or pretty much any part I plan.


Rob and Kelli Hall said...

I don't think you could get any more talented at capturing "moments"-you are awesome! Fun night...hope to do it more often! We loved it!

Patty Girl said...

We've wanted to do an outside movie night forever too. Now we are getting so little sleep that it sounds daunting, but I think we will for sure do it next summer! Looks like so much fun!

kimsueellen said...

So sad I missed this fun night! I love when you throw parties and invite me and we become good friends! My favorite...and I'll take the rain if it means I can hang out with you!