Saturday, June 18, 2011

Miss Trouble

Lucy goes where Lucy wants to go.

Picture this: Clothes soaked through from the swim diaper, near naked baby, sacred birth stones and quiet special moments, from all those not connected to Lucy.

She ran screaming and crying through 1,000 year old birth stones. The place where Hawaiian Royalty came for centuries to have their babies. There may or may not have been tourists putting their hands on the stones, laying down wreaths of flowers, and attempting to absorb, what I can only imagine was feminine energy from the rocks.

I think their experience may or may not have been affected by a wild child running around, attempting to climb on the birthstones and otherwise wrecking havoc. For the record, we DID NOT, let her climb on the stones. But we lost the battle as far as clothes and tantrums went. I like to call this stance, "Whatever you do Mom, don't EVEN THINK ABOUT PICKING ME UP, or I will karate chop you in half."


Nicolette said...

So funny! I can totally relate

Rob and Kelli Hall said...

Ha! Love her personality!