Friday, July 1, 2011

Lucy Love

A gluttony of Lucy photos for your viewing pleasure.

My favorite, favorite, favorite thing that Lucy does right now is, hold my face in her sweet little hands, and tell me, "I love you much." Sometimes she says, "I love you much, mom." It makes up for the time, and then some, when she pushed me, and said, "I push you."

Naughty and nice habits sometimes go hand in hand. And for the record, I think Lucy is the prettiest girl I have ever seen. And I'm her momma, so I get to think that.

Also, I don't want to forget how she yells, "YESS!! and runs (and her run is pretty darn cute) to the pool when I ask her if she wants to go swimming. Or how she says no to everything we say when she is grouchy. No bath! No treats! No milk! No crickets! No dragons! No octopus! We start making up ridiculous things when she is in this mood.

Or how she says, "I grouchy." Or adds an s, after everything. "I go in waters. Baths!!! Bye byes." It kills me when she says, "Ollie, sad," when Oliver sits under the table. She decided that all on her own. Or that she skips when she is super excited. I love that she is minimally whiney, super adventurous, cudley and affectionate, smart as can be, loves babies, a picky eater (OK I hate that she is a picky eater), happy, climbs into bed in the morning and snuggles, dances and is friends with everyone she meets. She is not my baby anymore. She is my Lucy and we get to be buddies. Pretty cool, right?

P.S. These are the kind of photos you get, when your child refuses to look at you and is super into daddy and not so much you at that particular moment. You get lots of running away from you photos.

I love every single one.


Vickie said...

I love love love the photos! So beautiful! I miss seeing her every week!

The Ballards said...

I love the lighting in these photos. Your Lucy is beautiful!

Aaron and Cassie said...

We need to play! She sounds so amazing! (and is so dang cute!!) We miss being closer!

Rob Hall said...

So sweet! I especially love the last one of Scott and Lucy laughting...adorable!

Taryn said...

She is so cute, I could eat her up:) Love those pictures of her and daddy.