Friday, July 29, 2011

We Went On A Bike Ride...

And ate fresh veggies from our CSA,
And made Italian style burgers (roasted garlic, tomato sauce, and mozzarella)
and then saw Harry Potter at the Drive-Inn.

This summer I decided to take a couple of weekends off. If I don't, then I work every Friday and Saturday, and that's no bueno. This particular Friday, I thought I had off, and then I scheduled a last minute sitting (I have a hard time saying no), and then the sitting fell through. So, we treated the day as a gift, and put together a last minute adventure. We biked, we ate, we wrestled Lucy at the Drive-Inn. Actually, the move was a rather fortuitous thought of Scott's. It was opening day of Harry Potter, tickets were all sold out, and in the midst of us trying to figure out how to get tickets, Scott remembered our favorite movie spot. We bought some yummy chocolate and soda's, stocked Lucy up on popcorn...and made it through 75% of the movie with no tears. Success!

And if this seems a little idyllic, it's because it was. My normal life consists of working until 1AM, not eating, and bursting into tears at the weirdest moments. I'm not pregnant, I'm overwhelmed. Lucy comforted me the other day, with hugs, and, "you okay Mommy?" Sweet, family filled days like this are joyous and much needed. I love my two loves.

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kimsueellen said...

Sounds like a blissfully perfect day! I miss you friend! Everything in your life looks so fun. You are such a terrific mother and always have yummy food and bike rides. I want to be more like you! xo