Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Lucy sure loves her cousins. They are all so sweet to her, and she has a special relationship with each of them.

Evie, she is completely fascinated by. If I can't find Lucy and Evie is around, it's pretty much a guarantee she is sitting by her, trying to play. She wants to sit in Evie's chair, and play with Evie's toys, and touch Evie's hair (who can blame her?)

Spencer and Lucy are buddies, with very different interests. Spencer likes to play trains and Lucy likes to stand right in the middle of his train tracks, or pulls the cars off the tracks. Spencer says "Lucy" so cute, and gives her hugs and smiles.

Sammy and Lucy are best friends. They may fight sometimes and Lucy often gets a good case of the mine's around Sammy, but she also wakes up 50% of the mornings saying, "Sammy! Sammy dance! Sammy play!" Lucy loves Sammy very, very much.

Jamesie is also so loving to Lucy. Lucy often says, Sammy!James! in one quick sentence, like they are the same person. Jamesie gives Lucy lots of hugs, and says, "Lucy is so cute!" We love James! P.S. James also said Lucy looked like Rapunzel today (the part after her hair was cut!)

Jacob looks out for Lucy, and helps her. He is like the big brother she doesn't have. Jacob never seems to get frustrated with her spicy ways, and is very kind. Jacob is also a VERY impressive dancer. The kid has moves I never had. He leads all of our dance parties.

We love that Lucy gets to have all these sweet cousins to play with, since it is so quiet over at our house.

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Rob and Kelli Hall said...

No that was the sweetest post ever! I actually got a little teary-eyed. Love this!