Saturday, August 9, 2008

{And We're Off}

Finally. Tomorrow Scott and I are taking our first vacation of the summer, and it couldn't happen too soon. I need an intervention of sorts to help me relax and take a break from work. Thank goodness for Jackson Hole. We are so excited to go and spend the week with Scott's family. We go every year, and it is such a special place for me. This year I especially need the break. It has been an emotional summer for me (my heart is sad) and I need the time to actually start taking care of myself and find a little peace. I think I have stayed up past 2 am now for over 2 months. Scott thinks I am crazy. The late nights and cocoa puffs for dinner haven't left me feeling too peachy. I'm planning on reading, sleeping, reading, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, and maybe a little hiking in-between. Usually Scott and I are all over the place, but this year being mellow is the itinerary.
Poor Oliver has to stay at home. We considered sneaking him into the condo, but thought maybe that wasn't the best. He is so cute right now, by the way. We finally got him into swimming and he loves it. It is funny to watch him dive for rocks.
So anyway, if you don't hear from me for awhile that is why. Have a great week! I hope to come back with lots of bear sighting stories. Close, but not too close, though. I love bears, but am super freaked out by them too. Did I ever tell you my greatest fear is to be eaten by a wild animal? Yeah, that would be worst.


Tyler & BreeAnn Fankhauser said...

Lindsey! I hope you have the greatest time on vacation! You deserve it so much! I wish only good things for you from here on out, and I think they will all happen for you!

Rylee & Katie McDermott said...

Have a fun vacation!!! I agree that you DEFINITELY deserve it... That's cute about your biggest fear. Mine is serial killer cannabalists... I wonder if you're more likely to be eaten by a wild animal or kidnapped by a psycho I'm terrified of???

Love you & I'm glad I got to know Scott a little better the other night. He's great!!!

shan & andrew said...

yes, please don't get eaten! (is that proper english?)

Anyway, have fun!!

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

Yay for Jackson!! We had a blast with everyone- what a great vacation! Hope you got all the r&r in that you needed. What a poopy thing that you guys got colds. But at least you were in the greatest place on earth! It makes a cold a little more bearable :)