Tuesday, August 12, 2008

[Lookey, Lookey}

What I'm working on here.


Rylee & Katie McDermott said...

What are you doing working on pictures while you are on vacation missy?? You really shoulda left that thing home like Scott told you!!!

Try to relax and just have fun. Pleaz! :) (I promise if I can wait, so can the rest of the world.)

caitlin said...

Okay, so I know I have been commenting like crazy about this shoot. But I LOVE IT!

I was telling Bob that if this picture with the green door was mine, I would blow it up to a 30x40 and put in on our wall. I wouldn't even care if I looked like I had a shrine of myself. This picture is so great!

Okay, I am done commenting!

Rylee & Katie McDermott said...

Hey that is awesome you booked another one! I'm excited to see how they come out. I will find those pics and email you the link ok?'