Sunday, August 3, 2008

{Sweet Music}

So, I'm having a hard time coming up with music for my website. Some of the songs I like I can't find out where the copyright is held and I haven't really found "the" song. I'm looking for a female artist (I'm a girl so I want a girly sound), something slightly folk, indie, unique and something that makes you happy. I'm trying to find something that hasn't been over-used on the radio or on other websites-so no Regina Spektor or Feist. Oh, and it also needs to work for the portrait side and wedding side, since I'm poor and can't afford to buy different ones. Whew! Where or where is my perfect song? I know you exist.
Since I'm struggling I thought I would pull in the reinforcements and ask for a little help. To make it more fun, I thought I would make it into a contest. So please, pretty, pretty please, put a song you think would be absolutely fabulous for me in the comments. The winning song choice will win a major award. A super awesome major award. See, isn't this fun?
Here's a few songs I have toyed with to give you an idea of where I'm going,

Just Like Heaven

Modern Nature (I like this one a lot, but can't figure out where to purchase it. There is a Danish website, which I can't read.)

Love, Love, Love

I'm Yours
(almost there, but not quite)

New Soul (I know this has been used, but still so fun)

Thanks in advance for all of your help! Which means, seriously, put some comments in there.


Taryn said...

how about ingred michaelson, the way I am. (i love this song)

Rylee & Katie McDermott said...

A Fine Frenzy: either "the minnow & the trout" or "come on, come out". i love her...

One thing you can do is go to pandora and put in those songs you like.... you might be able to find "the perfect song" that way!

Taryn said...

you may like ingred michaelson's lullabies better

ike & em said...

I definitely like the last one the best. You should check out the Weepies, Madeleine Peyroux, if you haven't already. And Madeleine Peyroux if you haven't already. Also, I have a friend from high school who is a fabulous singer--go to her website: She also has a page on her website that includes a list of her favorite singers and their websites.

tiernybugs said...

Hey there cuz! How are you doing? I'm doing good. I think you should put the song Just Like Heaven on your website. I think that song is perfect for your website. The song on my website is: With or Without You by U2. That song fits perfectly for my website and I think that Just Like Heaven will fit your website perfectly. That's cool that you got your website through Bludomain. How long did it take you to get your website from them? How much did your website cost? It took them over a month to give me my website. Then, it took me a couple of weeks to get my website the way I wanted it. Do you have any business cards made? What is your cell phone number and what is your home address? Take care of yourself and have a great new week!!! Have a great weekend!!! I love and miss you tons!!!

Tyler & BreeAnn Fankhauser said...

I love your " Details" portion of the wedding gallery on your website, you take really good pictures of things like that. I love the one with the yellow stuff! Also so many good pictures of Karson, I have NO clue how I am going to pick like ten of them! :)

Rylee & Katie McDermott said...

One Sweet Love by Sara Bareilles

Rylee & Katie McDermott said...

Hey I know you wanted a girl- but here are some other really cool "Lindsey-ish" songs:

The Book I Write by Spoon (this one is from Stranger than Fiction)

Come on Get Higher by Matt Nathanson

The First Single by the Format

Robin said...

Good options so far - and recommendations. Clearly, your friends have good taste. :) I was thinking Tristan, too, or some of Ingred's other songs. If you like the Dan in Real Life sound, what about She and Him ( Alos, try Brandi Carlile ( Good luck

caitlin said...

What about Natural Calamity? Just my two cents.


(I love music, but this a post I would have to do some serious thinking about, so I may have to get back to you)