Wednesday, November 5, 2008

{Delayed Halloween Post}

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So, Halloween is long over and it is time to start thinking about I mean Thanksgiving, but I thought I'd share some Halloween love anyway. Speaking of celebrating Christmas, I was at my cousin's house today and they had their Christmas lights up! I guess I shouldn't judge though because a. is already listening to Christmas music. Maybe the weather justifies the holiday spirit, but I'm soo not ready for winter. I remember last winter and how it went on and on and was snowing in least I think it snowed in June. It felt like it snowed in June.
Anyway, enough about Christmas and snow. I'm really writing this so you can see the super cute shrunken head brew I made for our Halloween Dinner with Marianne and Bryan. Martha always steers me right. It was super easy, but you need to allow plenty of time for the apples to shrink in the oven. The drink was simple (lemonade and apple cider) but it was really all about the presentation anyway.
Our dinner party was long overdue since I had already canceled on them twice (think back to Wedding Expo stressapaloza). All in all our Halloween night was fabulous. The food was great, the company even more so, and it was fun to help hand out candy in a neighborhood that actually has kids. Marianne makes me laugh. She had pencils, plastic spiders and soda pop to pass out (along with regular candy). There was also a no-candy-to-anyone-over-14-rule-who-didn't-say-trick-or-treat-or-justify-their-sweatshirt-and-jeans-costume. Way to hold the line.
On a little Halloween side note, Scott wanted to know the purpose of pumpkins. He wasn't too clear on where pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread came from. Silly Scott.


Design Gal said...

i love those shrunken heads! a little creepy, but fun!

and yes, it did snow in June last year. June 5th to be exacat. I only remember the date because I was like, "What the fuzz!? Snow in June!?"

BreeAnn said...

So I want to know how you can eat such good food all of the time and stay sooo skinny? What is your secret? :)

Tina said...

Lindsey, I am so entertained reading your blog.. These "shrunken heads" are amazing and you guys are so freakin cute together!!!! I wish I had a teenie weenie bit of your creativity... :(