Monday, November 10, 2008


Is what happens when a dog eats a stick of butter. A lot, a lot of throw-up--just in case anyone was wondering. If you want a visual (and you probably don't), just imagine me with my pajama bottoms rolled up to my thighs dry heaving as I cleaned up buttery chunks, while Oliver watched confused and tried to eat it. STAY! I called Scott in tears. Now, I know probably most of you have cleaned something like this up before, but I haven't and it involved butter and dog food. Gross? You betcha.
Scott gets Best Husband Award for coming home during his lunch break and cleaning up round #2.


Rob and Kelli said...

Eeewww!!! Oliver is a little stinker. But isn't butter tempting to all of us-can't blame him for wanting a taste...I'm glad the throw-up's are gone. It doesn't matter whether it's dog or child or adult, the throw-up's are nasty!!!

Allison said...

Having had 2 children who have been sick many times. And a dog who had some pretty nasty stomach problems his 1st 6 months. I can tell you, dogs are way grosser to clean up after. I say things can only get better, dog mess is as bad as it gets in my book. Good luck!

Isaac and Jenni Marshall said...

Just browsing through blogs and stumbled upon yours (LOVE your photography blog!). I got the biggest laugh out of your post-oh, how I relate!!! Our dog, Bella, managed to get up on the counter a few years ago (how she completed this impressive feat, I do not know) and ate a stick of butter AND licked the bacon grease out of the grease can from that morning! So, yes, I understand your pain in cleaning the nasty vomit. I'm sorry=(. Bella was miserable all day and, like a sick child, extra snuggly that night. She was even moaning and groaning in her discomfort. Was it wrong that we got a little giggle out of that? Poor thing! =)