Friday, February 13, 2009

{The Egg Keeper}

We got a call from our egg babysitter today. Apparently 7 of them made it (so far) and our 2nd big day is Monday. The doctors are still monitoring me to see if my hyperstimulation is calming down. If it doesn't, we will just have to wait a little bit longer. A bummer side effect of hyperstimulation is weight gain. It is a smidge depressing to have gained 5 pounds in one week.
Nothing fits and I feel like hanging out in my Grover blue sweatpants all day long.

Okay, I actually do hang out in my Grover blue sweatpants. They go nicely with my red coat when I have to leave the house.

I'd like to address Scott's post and say I kind of remember saying all of those things, but in my mind I was just being super friendly and making conversation. Apparently I was slurring my words and falling asleep in the middle of talking, but I don't remember that part. Drugs are tricky like that. For the record, things have been easier than I have anticipated. Mentally draining, yes, but physically manageable.

Thanks everyone for your kind comments. We really appreciate all of the loving support!


rYLeE & KaTiE said...

Lindsey, you kill me! You are so funny.... You say funny things on drugs. I just kick my feet and cry and yell at Rylee about latex gloves.

Love you guys! Tell Scott he should blog more often...

Tara said...

I'm glad that you are doing well, and I hope that things calm down a little so you are able to go on to the next phase as soon as possible. At what point will they know for sure how many eggs are viable? Is your 2nd big day the day they implant them? How long until you can test for pregnancy? I feel like I have a billion questions...sorry! Keep us posted, for sure! Love ya!


Scott and Lindsey said...

Hey Tara,
Those are all good questions. It is funny, because when they were explaining all of this originally, I was like, "huh?"
But, we will find out on Sunday how many eggs made it (I think we are supposed to play We Are The Champions afterwards)
Yes, Monday is implantation day. It is very romantic. Scott is going to bring some candles.
I have to wait the normal 2 weeks for the pregnancy test. So much pressure this time!

caitlin said...

This process is so interesting to me. I hope all goes well. You're a trooper Miss Lindsey.

Tara said...

I'm just popping in to see if you have an update today. Hope all is going well!