Thursday, February 19, 2009

{Love Day}

Saturday morning I woke up to breakfast in bed. I don't think I have ever had breakfast in bed.

Scott made German pancakes and they were lovely.

It was my turn for Valentine's and this year we took things pretty easy. I took him to lunch here and then we checked out this exhibit here. The food was delicious and the exhibit really interesting. I especially liked the duck sauce collage.

We are kind of nerds like that.

Afterwards we went home and slept, and slept and slept and had toast for dinner.


caitlin said...

I am a huge fan of breakfast in bed. In fact I kind of wish I could always stay in bed at breakfast time. Is that asking too much??

Tara said...

I'm jealous! I would love breakfast in bed, but seeing that Eli and I are always the first out of bed I'm not holding out hope that it will ever happen. Bummer.

Lindsey, I'm not worried about the order at all. I'll get it when I get it. No worries!