Thursday, October 1, 2009

{Beach Time}

Oh, what a bad blogger I have been. I have been so overwhelmed this summer (still am) that most things in my life have been neglected. The regular blog updates were one of the first things to go, right after sleep.
So, it is time to make an amends, of sorts, and show some pictures of our Florida trip. How ironic that it is freezing cold today and I want a peppermint hot chocolate, but am showing beach pictures. Summer, where did you go?

Florida was super fun and fabulous, and going to the beach was one of my favorite things. Clearwater Beach was an official stop on the official itinerary and the whole family made the almost 2 hour drive down. Unfortunately, the good weather held up for about an hour and a half. After what felt like 2 minutes in the bath temperature water, we were driven out by a huge, huge, huge tropical storm. The kind of storm where you are soaked in .5 seconds. It was a mad dash to the car, blankets and camera's everywhere, Dan trying to keep his infected appendix covered, kids ending up in the wrong car, etc., etc.

I was so bummed that we didn't get more beach time that I begged Scott to go back the next day. We didn't quite do that, but we did go to Anastasia Beach. It wasn't an official stop on the iternary and only Scott and I were able to make it. I'm so glad we did. Anastasia Beach is a State Park, so smaller and less crowded. It was on the Atlantic side, so cooler water and larger waves, both of which Scott enjoyed. We had great fun wandering around, picking up sea shells, watching our neighborly sand crab and getting fried. Yes fried. Scott's chest was purple. I kid you not. The ride home on the plane was pure misery, but that is what you get for not properly applying sunscreen when you are at the beach mid-day. Life lesson learned.

And so, after all that, here are my Polaroids. It already seems like forever ago. Was my belly ever that small?


cathycan said...

Lindsey, how fun to see your big, triumphant belly! So excited for you!

caitlin said...

Love the pictures. Love them. Some of my favorite polaroids you have shot.

Scott sounds a lot like Bob at the beach. He likes cool water and waves and never applies the sunblock.

Great post, glad you shared this trip. BUT I NEED TO SEE the ones of your family at the park that Allison shot. Seriously. Were they good?

Becky Ricks said...

I LOVE the one of the old guy with his comb-over hanging funny..

Scott and Lindsey said...

The comb-over is classic. I was like, "please don't wake up while I'm taking this picture of you!"

Tara and Dan said...

Great pictures! I love the one of the upside down umbrella. And of course, the comb over/rat's tail hanging down.... classic ;)