Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Almost 1

When we found out our due date was 11.4.09 last year, I secretly prayed that Lucy would be born before Halloween. Because Halloween is only the 2nd, almost tied to 1st, best Holiday ever.

Oh, the Halloween birthday parties we would have. Weren't we lucky that she came on 10.27? And now I'm planning her first birthday party and it is pretty exciting. And busy. I think I have photographed too many weddings. I keep reminding myself this is a one-year-old's birthday, not a wedding. But that hasn't stopped me from making a pinata (or at least buying the 36" balloon) to make the pinata.

I know it is kind of silly and she doesn't care and wont remember, but we have waited so very long for these firsts and want to enjoy them to the fullest. The theme, pumpkin patch. Doesn't Lucy make the cutest Pumpkin Fairy ever?

As a sidenote, I can't believe I bought her this girly, girly costume. I kind of love it, though.

Invitations were found at Rifle Paper Co. Cute, right?


The Ballards said...

Lucy's so photogenic! You've taught her well :) Cole and I are expecting a little girl in March, and I've been tempted to buy so many Halloween costumes already. I have a feeling Halloween is going to rock with a little one!

Vickie said...

Happy Birthday to the cutest little Lucy in the whole world!! Enjoy these firsts as much as you want to!

design gal said...

i LOVE her costume and i can't wait to see pictures of her party!

thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog- you were right on track. it's frustrating and exciting all at the same time to be a new aunt. hopefully i'll have my turn soon!

BreeAnn said...

love it! I am sure she will have a fabulous party all thanks to you!

Patty Girl said...

I say go all out for 1st birthdays! It only happens once right? I can't wait to see the pics of the party because it sounds totally awesome!

caitlin said...

First.. That picture is darling. DARLING. I love that little girl. She's getting so big!

Second.. Love the invites, love the ideas, can't wait to see the pictures.

Third.. I'm impressed you are making a pinata! Can't wait to see your masterpiece. Yay for Halloween-ee birthdays!