Monday, October 25, 2010

Greek Festival

Scott and I have been attending the Greek Festival for several years now. This year with baby in tow, though, we had a plan. We went right during the Utah Game, and we came only for the Loukoumathes. This plan was perfect. We came, we ate, we watched a little Greek dancing, and we beat the crowds.


and the Loukoumathes. Oh, the Loukoumathes.

I should be embarrassed that we ate all of these in one sitting, but they just don't taste as good heated up. Besides, eating obscene amounts of fried honey donuts was the whole point.

Yum, yum, eat 'em up.

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caitlin said...

I LOVE that you guys don't let having a baby get in the way of your fun. You just include her in it. I think that's important! Love the pictures, want to eat 50 of those honey donuts!