Saturday, October 2, 2010

Never Thought It Would Happen

I never thought I would see the day that we got rid of our ugly, ugly bathroom. I know I should have taken pictures of it, but it was just too depressing. Imagine a brown tub (not on purpose, but because the finish had worn off), moldy moldings around the window, and paint peeling off above the tile, cheap and hard-water stained faucets, and cheap, cheap furniture and you have a pretty good idea of what it looked like. In fact, in the 10 years we have been married, I have only had moldy bathtubs. and I love baths. It was so sad. I had to switch to showers.

This was our first time picking out tile and grout and overall, I think we did a pretty good job. And I will say it was totally worth it to pay someone some $$ to do this for us. Juan had this bathroom turned around in a week, and since we only have one shower/bath, this was the most crucial item in the remodel. I watched them working, and it truly was amazing. I know it would have taken Scott and I at least 6 months. We love Juan, even though he doesn't like our paint color choice :) Lucy loves him too, which is pretty funny. She is scared of most men, but loves Juan. She flirts with him, and crawls to the bathroom door and watches.

We still need to paint, change out our electrical boxes, find a vanity, mirror, medicine cabinets, lights, towel rack, etc. We also need to add a vent, to cut down on the humidity. I can't wait to take a bath in my fancy new cast-iron tub. Poor Juan. It was a heavy tub.

Considering this hardware

Bought this shower curtain

Love this vanity, but can't afford this vanity

I love this one too, but it doesn't have any drawers. I would put it with a white sink.

Our floor mat

Again, can't afford this vanity.


Vickie said...

Lindsey, it looks awesome!! Congrats!

sav said...

where did you get your tile? we bought STARK white honey comb tile for our bathroom, but in my heart i wonder if it is gonna be a huge mistake. not because i don't love it, because it will show everything.. so you have me thinking...

Patty Girl said...

It looks so clean and fresh! You are going to spend all your time in there now. I'm so happy you got the bathroom you wanted.

Lizzie said...

I have that floor mat. Love it.

Taryn said...

love the tiles! Cant wait to see it all done:)