Monday, September 27, 2010

To Be Private or Not Private

Scott and I are considering doing something I NEVER thought I would do; make this blog private.

We realize there is a lot of personal info on here, and maybe that makes us a little nervous. But, I really like having this blog accessible for friends and family. But I also kind of think maybe 2 or 3 people read this, so it wouldn't be that big of a deal to make it private.

I was wondering if anyone else had opinions on a private blog versus a public blog? Those with kids, how do you feel? Our first and last name are in the URL, which looking back, wasn't the smartest decision. I try to keep last names out of the post, but I realize our last name is all over other blogs. What to do?

So, my questions are,

-Private vs Public, where do you fall?
-If Private would you still read it?
-If Private would you like an invite?

We honestly want anyone who is interested to keep reading, students of Scott, or brides of mine, we are equal opportunity around here. We are just worried about strange and disturbed male that might be lurking. And that may be a stretch, but then again, there are some crazies out there.

Anyway, feedback please. And yes, I know this photo has nothing to do with this post, but it is Monday and I'm still sick and Lucy is cute.


Vickie said...

My blog is private, but the people who I care about most still make an effort to see it. I was worried about the crazies out there too, so that's why I made the decision to go private. So my personal opinion is that it's worth it. Speaking of which, I just realized I haven't ever sent you an invite to my blog...I better take care of that!

BreeAnn said...

Hey Linds, I would read your blog either way, so if you do make it private, send me an invite!

Paul and Becky said...

I love your blog! That little Miss Lucy is too cute. And you are a fabulous writer.

We were non-private for a while, mostly because I was afraid my parents wouldn't read it if it was private. But then they started a blog (private) blah blah blah, and now we're private...and it actually gives me considerable peace of mind. I say,(for what it's worth,) go private.

Good luck deciding!

EMS said...

If it was private then I couldn't read your blog! I suppose you would invite me so there's really no drawback. I'd go with safe over sorry. I'm paranoid though. Too many Criminal Minds episodes.

Lizzie said...

This question is such a hard one. I love the blog world, and feel private blogs make it different. However - it definitely is safer. I go back & forth all the time. Whatever you decide, I'd love to keep reading if you have room to invite me (blogger only lets you invite 100 people). My email is

sav said...

i would totally like an invite! i think more people read than we know... anyway, i went private because i didn't want a certain someone looking.. it wasn't even over stranger danger... so there you go!

Patty Girl said...

I've debated this for a long time too. Whatever you decide I still want to read about your family so be sure to get me on the invite list.

Taryn said...

just invite those who are interested. You probably get a lot of traffic from your work blog, so that is more of a concern than before. I dont think I would go private because who really reads mine? Who would know to look for me? I did try to make it so you couldnt google us and find it.

Anonymous said...

This is your Mom speaking here. I just want to be able to read your blog. Can I do that without a blog of my own? I don't know.

.. said...

I'm a student of Mr. Stewart from Waterford. You might think I'm very creepy, maybe in fact what you want to make this private for, but I think your family is just darling. So I check up on you blog every once in awhile, especially because dear Lucy is so adorable. If you do end up making it private, I would love an invite. Is that weird since I've never met you before? If you think so, feel free to decline my request. Just so you know, you are kind of what I want to be when I grow up:) Haha, really your blog and your daughter and your family are simply charming and delightful to check up on. Just FYI. Also, I promise I'm not a random creep, Mr. Stewart was my favorite teacher! Haha anyway best of luck with your decision.

caitlin said...

Here are my feelings on the matter..

On the one hand I have met a lot of really good friends (as strange as that sounds) on my blog. (Heck, Katie was one of them!)

Also I don't think there are random strangers finding your blog and leering at Lucy, but that's just me thinking there are so many blogs out there.

And the other thing is I soley use my google reader. It tells you when things are updated. But doesn't with private blogs so I don't read them as often because I don't remember to.

With that all being said, on the other hand. I have always said if I had a baby, I would create another blog that was private, that had updates on the kid. But that's because my sister has a crazy ex husband, so I have to be careful what I say about her family in general, and wouldn't want danger for my little one.

I know, I know that's a lot of blogging, but I figure with that I wouldn't be updating as much and would only be for family and close friends who want updates on the baby.

Tough decision, good luck, I will read yours no matter what though. ( if you decide to go private)

Okay, could that comment have been any longer??

p.s. I say all of this now, but I don't have a baby yet, so my mind could definitely change when I'm actually a mother, so maybe you should listen to those who actually have kids :)

Candi said...


kimsueellen said...

I always have mixed debate over this. The reason I keep mine public is because I have had it public for so long. (mine is also spiritual reasons...dumb and corny maybe, but the church has asked us to have blogs to help spread the gospel. so that is my main reason for not going private.) I have LOTS of reasons to go private though. AS. IN. LOTS. We'll have to talk about it some time. Even though, I still feel overwhelmingly that mine needs to stay public. I try to be SUPER careful about what a do write, blot out address #'s, and keep vague about where I live, etc. It isn't perfect, but it is what it is. I also drop my kid off at school and stay until he gets inside, don't let them play outside alone, etc...etc. I am hyper paranoid, but I would be with or without a blog being public. It is in my nature.

Good luck! I totally support you either way, as long as I can still come and read.

Huggs. xoxo

Maria Tavares said...

I'm always reading your blog and if you private it I'll can't :/ Please don't do it, or invite me.