Monday, September 13, 2010

Bathroom Remodel

Our bathroom is gross. So gross I'm not even going to post a picture of it.

We have been living with it for 3 years, but now that Lucy is taking baths sans baby bath we decided there is no time like the present. The reason we haven't jumped into this project before is because we only have one bathtub/shower. No shower = stinky family.

We have the tile already picked out. Isn't it pretty?

We are going with a 3X6 subway tile, but the one we picked out is off-white

I really, really wanted a hex tile and found a pretty good deal at Arizona Tile. By pretty good deal, I mean it was 1/4 the price of the glass hex I found at Contempo.
See how I cut back? This isn't quite the color, but close.

This floor mat is pretty

So is this shower curtain

Another view of the 3X6. We will be removing the molding wood that surround the window in the shower (WHO has a window in their shower?!?), and adding tile molding pieces.


LindsayAndrew said...

Lindsey, I loved your comment. How great are Lindsay, Olivia and Holly. Pretty much a trifecta right there! We have actually met before. I was a bridesmaid for Alex Enslin/Greers wedding. So pretty much we are just moments away from being best friends! So not creepy at all. Haha! I love the tile you picked out for your bathroom. Our bathroom upstairs had wood in it as well! Gross. Total mold fest! Have you looked on for tile. They have some that I LOOOVVVEEE! And we have found Lowe's has some awesome tile for the best price. Drew would love to come out and look at your projects! Glad you left a comment!

Valerie said...

Will you take before, during, and after pics?!?! I love makeovers, especially on house remodels.

Patty Girl said...

We have a window in our shower too! Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, our bathroom was in ok shape but I have always wanted to design a bathroom. I am obsessed with subway tile so that would be a must for me too. I hope it all goes well (sans showers and all). I totally want to see it when it's finished!

Taryn said...

I love it and especially the shower curtain!

Lindsey said...


I should take a picture! I never do, because the projects stress me out and I feel like we will never be done. But then, one day, magically we are and I wished I had taken the before picture!

Valerie said...

Like my kitchen makeover that has been going on for months now! Yikes. How embarrassing. LoL

But I did take before pics. haha It'll just end up being "long-ago-before-pics".