Thursday, September 2, 2010

My View

Dear Lucy,

I hope I never forget what your feet are like right now.

They are constantly moving, turning, flexing, pushing, twisting and bouncing.

In the car you sing to them, and in the bike trailer, you push them up against the mesh screen, and I grab them from the other side and tickle your toes.

Your cute feet are chubby and kissable and although you don't have the patience for, "this little piggy," you like your feet to be tickled and munched on.

I have said it before, but I wish I could bottle this time up and revisit it whenever I start missing your scrunchy baby toes.


Rob and Kelli Hall said...

I love those little feet too!

kimsueellen said...

Lindsey, this prooves we are kindred! Honestly, I took this same photo almost a month ago, maybe to the same day as you! LOVE it. I feel the same way about Camilla. I wish time would slow a bit...I also wish Camilla liked having her feet tickled, instead she grunts and pushes them away.

Good seeing you today btw! I have missed your sweet spirit. And I mean that. You are so sweet and such a great friend.

kimsueellen said...

Ha! proves. I can spell. Really.

Scott and Lindsey said...

I can't ever spell ether (ha, ha!)

When I saw Camilla's little feet I had to smile. We were in Sun Valley with Lucy, pushing her around in her umbrella stroller, and all I could see was her little feet twirling and bouncing. It was such a little moment for me. I just saw those feet growing up, and how this time is just so short. I love that you saw the same thing I did. We are so kindred :)

Thanks so much for helping me out today! I think I figured it out, diopter. I need to check it out tomorrow, but I'm guessing Kews changed the diopter! The camera just didn't feel right.

We need to get together! Let's have a Sharon, Kim, Allie day (am I missing anyone?)

kimsueellen said...

Diopter! YES that is what it is! BAH...why didn't I think of that? WHENEVER I have a new mentoree (sp?) I always have to adjust their diopter because it is always messed. I think you are right! YAY! Fingers crossed that is what it is.

Also, LOVE the umbrella stroller, we totally bought one for New York and without it I wouldn't have seen that sweet view. (Sounds like the same for you!)

I think that is all the ladies. We should invite Ashley and Jackie (if Jackie hasn't moved yet.) Let's seriously do it!


caitlin said...

Love this picture!