Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Used Spoon

To give a little background to this story you should know that I,

A-love the fair
B-hadn't eaten anything but Grape Nuts since 11 AM, so was very excited for fair fare
C-It was a hot, hot day
D-Scott has been a little forgetful lately

Here is the story from my point of view,

We got to fair and the very first thing on the agenda was to eat, since we were both starving. The only problem was it was soo hot, so we didn't feel like eating. Cue in magical Gelateria.


I thought we could have some gelato to take the edge off and then pick out some other food at our leisure. I only tell you this so you know how hungry I was and how excited I was to eat that Gelato. So we ordered, Scott handed me my ice cream cup with a spoon in it. I ate about half of it before Scott came rushing over and grabbed my spoon out, mumbling something about the wrong spoon.

Here is the story from Scott's point of view,

We ordered and the girl handed him my gelato without a spoon. He thought that was a little strange, but then noticed a whole box full of spoons on the counter. He put one in my gelato and got one for himself. After he paid and was walking over to where Lucy and I were waiting in the shade, he looked back at the counter and saw that the box was labeled TRASH on the side. If you have been to the fair, you know the full implications of what this means. He quickly took my spoon away and went back to ask the girl for a fresh one.

and this was her response, "Ohhhhhhh, yeah,"

She then went ALL the way to the BACK of the store to get clean, not licked by random people spoon.

So there you go. This happened in the first 5 minutes of us being there and really set the stage for the awesomeness that followed later.


caitlin said...

Uh oh, why do I have a feeling this is going to be like San Fran all over again?

Scott and Lindsey said...

It totally is like San Fran! It is the worst day at the Fair ever, instead of the worst first day of vacation. I even said that in the car as we were going home.

Scott put his hand on mine, looked at me with all tenderness and said,

"Linds, it makes a great story."

I really couldn't get over the spoon the whole night, but then something trumped it. Bah!