Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Taggart Lake

This was one of my favorite days in Jackson this year. It was just the three of us, as the rest of the family took off for Yellowstone (which we knew wouldn't work with our squirmy 9-month-old). We hadn't hiked Taggart before and it was such a pretty trail. We decided to take the long way home and although scenic, I became pretty convinced we were surrounded by bears. The long way home is apparently the road less traveled, and therefore we were alone on the trail.

Alone with hidden bears.

So, I started singing and clapping and I even got Scott a little nervous, because he joined in. It was one of the prettiest parts of the trail (bears like pretty spots), but I was too scared to stop and take a picture. And for the record, I sang Dream On, which sounded pretty pathetic.

Lucy, having absolute no idea that our lives were endangered, chattered the whole time and "ooh, oohed" the water, birds, trees, wind and talked herself to sleep.

We finished our adventure off with some tacos from one of our favorite restaurants.

All in all, a pretty wonderful day.

You might wonder why I'm so scared of bears.

There are several reasons,

1-I have seen bears on trails before.
2-I have read "Night of the Grizzlies" a lovely story about two campers who were eaten and mauled (yes eaten) by grizzly bears on the same night.
3-My greatest fear is being eaten by a wild animal. For real.


Patty Girl said...

Bears huh? I've never thought of it much but now I'm going to be nervous on hikes. I'm glad you didn't get eaten and that looks like a cool hike/ fun day.

The Ballards said...

Hey Lindsey! These are beautiful! Cole and I are living in Texas now and I miss mountains. Lucy is beautiful too :) Hope all is well with you!

caitlin said...

Um, I am laughing out loud of the thought of you and Scott nervously singing Aerosmith.