Monday, April 18, 2011

So I Don't Forget

Please forgive the itemized list of our vacation. I need to write it down so I remember.

-Travel, travel, travel. Lucy 2 mini melt-downs. Flight considered success.
-Luggage, shuttle, rental car. Exhausting, tired of traveling.
-Drive, pretty.
-Turtle Bay Cottages: Wheelchair room, switch to occupied room, finally get the right room 
-12 hours of traveling finally ends
-Explore, dinner at the Italian place, complimentary Champagne (nice touch)
-Sunset on the overlook

-Cloudy and windy (a little cold)
-Breakfast brunch
-Swim in the pools, fancy
-Lunch by the bay
-Swim in the bay. Sunny!
-Hang out and explore
-Sunset on the overlook

-Sunny and windy
-Morning walk
-Morning swim and check out
-Ted's Bakery
-Check in to the house
-Dole Plantation
-Pali Lookout
-Drive on the Eastern Shore
-Sunset on our perfect beach
-Haleiwea and Pizza Bobs (so lost!)

-Leave at 6:00AM to drive to Hanauma Bay. traffic....
-Hanauma Bay closed, head to Pearl Harbor (mini meltdowns)
-Haleiwea, Kua 'Aina, Matsumoto's, shopping
-Sunset beach swim time and sunset

-Bike ride from Sunset Beach to Waimea (gorgeous!)
-Hukilau Cafe
-PCC (epic melt downs, Lucy pukes all over me, we do it all, but don't have a lot of fun)
-Lindsey likes the show, Scott likes the Luau, Lucy doesn't like any of it

-Sleep in!
-Waimae Bay
-Haleiwea, Waialua Bakery (one of our favorites!), Lucy fascinated by Gecko, Matsumoto's
-Birthing stones, perfect moment with the sun coming through the clouds, over the mountains. Very sacred place, we could feel it. Lucy in diaper, running around crying. The sacredness was greater than that :)
-Shark Cove Sunset

-5:30 AM wake-up call for Hanauma Bay
-Hanauma Bay is awesome! Lucy loves the ocean for the first time
-Wailana Coffee House
-Manoa Falls Hike, TORRENTIAL downpour. I loved it. Lucy is a trooper
-Valley of the Temples
-East coast drive
-Take out from Shark Cove Grill (sooo good!)
-Eating, watching the sunset, see Whales!
-Chocolate Pie from Ted's Bakery
(our favorite day)

-Haleiwea, Walialua Bakery
-Laie Temple
-Sunset beach
-Sharks Cove Grill and one last sunset at Shark's Cove Beach
-Head home :(
-Lucy sleeps 6.5 of our 8 hours of flying. Success!!

Do I regret bringing Lucy? No! Was it hard at times. Yes! We might leave her home for our next romantic anniversary vacation :) But we loved having a family vacation, melt downs and all. And man, did we drag her everywhere. Poor thing was exhausted every night. She loved running, playing in the sand and exploring. Home is going to seem a little dull after all this. One of my absolute favorite parts of the trip was seeing her little footprints in the sand.

Post note: We must have really worn her out, because she is still asleep after 14 hours.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful. It makes me want to take a vacation with everyone in Hawaii.