Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sugar and Spicy

I'm pretty sure Lucy hit her terrible twos right before we went to Hawaii (and she is only 18 months!) She might look sweetness and light, but she has a fiery, stubborn side. Some examples of her cuteness and stinkerness over the last week are,

-She says awesome. "Awessssooommme!" She loves it to say it and it is usually followed by, "happy."
-She doesn't like it if Scott and I touch each other. If we hold hands, or I give him a hug, she pushes my hand away and says, "no, no, no." I think it is a mixture of being jealous, and that she expects to be the center of both our worlds.
-When I say, "give me five," she says, "up high."
-She wont sit down in the grocery cart
-She wont eat ANYTHING, and throws her food
-She wont stay in her stroller
-She gives rock explosions (our secret hand shake)
-Other new words, "Ollie nice, stop it, all done, peas (please in command form), tank you, and some is still her favorite word. "Some, Some, Some, Some!"
-She senses when I'm about to correct her, turns to me in a flash, and tells me,
"no, no, no!"
-She is starting to pinch, which means we are starting time-outs. She only pinches me, on the neck, and then says, "Ouch!"
-We roar like dragons in her special dragon bath towel.
-Lucy is still shy and snuggly, and likes to watch morning cartoons on my lap, big kisses, and laughs like crazy when we are silly.

She is sugar and spice, with an extra side of spicy.


Vickie said...

Oh, she's adorable. Looks like a really fun trip!

Tara and Dan said...

But even when she's being a "terrible" two, she's still the cutest two EVER! I love the awesoooooooome!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes...even when she was really shy and little you could see it in her eyes.... Adorable. So were you and still are! Are? Am? ???

The Ballards said...

I can't believe she's two already! She looks and sounds so fun!

Patty Girl said...

I kinda think it is the age. I remember Olive being at that stage and being surprised at what sass she had. It was almost like she would give me attitude. But then the next second they are the cutest sweetest kid ever. I think they have their sweet side so that you will still love them. It's like they are realizing they have or want some independence. It's funny to look back at now. I'm sure you'll remember her spice with fondness too. Someday.

Taryn said...

She is so stinkin cute, I can't wait for her and the boys to play together again. What trouble they could get in.