Monday, May 30, 2011


Cousins, thank you for being such good friends to Lucy. She thinks you are the coolest. Thanks for playing so good with her at her first sleep over.

Rain, seriously? I hate to complain, but Scott has the day off, it's May 30th, and it's 40 degrees outside. I would say I'm overreacting, but then I read it's the wettest May since 1860 and the wettest Spring since 1875. Way to be rain. Way to be.

Deer Valley, you are awesome. Thanks for the snow. I mean it. I now get to check off hot tubing in the snow off my list. Who would have thought it would happen at the end of May?

Lucy, we love you so much, and you were very good in letting mom and dad have a mini one night stay away. But now you are super grouchy. Maybe we will wait another 18 months to do this.

Anniversary. You were awesome. Caputo's sandwiches, gelato and park time with Lucy? Yes, please. An overnight stay in Deer Valley. Double yes, please.

St. Regis, you also, were awesome. Next time though, I'm bringing some treats. I couldn't justify spending $15 for a hot chocolate. But your bathrooms are the nicest I have ever seen. Thank you for that.

Pounds gained, You were worth it. I'm looking at you bread pudding and chocolate raspberry tart for brunch. Oh, and you fettucini with a pea cream sauce. I don't regret you.

Yard work, bikes rides, the zoo, and picnics. I guess you are going to have to wait until I don't need to wear a coat.

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Aaron and Cassie said...

Your anniversary sounded great!! The St Regis spa is where our SIL Emily works. It sounds like a beautifu place! But it is hard leaving the lil one, bedtime just doesnt get done the same somewhere else!