Tuesday, May 31, 2011


There was a time, not too long ago, that Scott and I stayed in cheapie hotels. For us, it was good enough to just go on a vacation. We didn't have to stay anywhere luxurious. At least, that is what I would tell myself. But in my secret heart of hearts, I longed to stay in fancy places. Rooms with down comforters, and fireplaces. Sheets that didn't look like they have been there since 1980, and continental breakfasts without smashed donuts. And if there was a deep soaking tub or walk in shower, oh be still my heart. I can pinpoint when I decided that I was through with $60 dollar a night hotels. Remember this?

Enter Hawaii. I wanted to stay in a resort, just for once. Just to be fancy. Just because I had never been and always wanted to. But we also wanted something Lucy friendly. And so we compromised. Two nights at the Turtle Bay and 5 nights at a beach house. I know, this post is kind of obnoxious. But just think back to the hostel we stayed in when I was pregnant. You know the one with gun shots heard at night, and a night club downstairs? Yeah, I didn't use to be so high maintenance.

Anyway, to finish my ode to the Turtle Bay, it was awesome. Sure, when we first got there they put us in the handicap accessible room. And then when we requested a change, they put us in a room that was already occupied. That got awkward for a second. But finally, we were settled in our very own cottage, with a view of the ocean, and a hammock just outside, complimentary champagne for the mix-up (nice thought, he he!), and chocolates on our pillows. Did I mention Charles hooked us up with free t-shirts too? Who's Charles? Just one of the awesome staff members who chatted with us about Alpine, Utah and the Laie Temple Re-dedication. The Turtle Bay was really fun. But I have to say, 2 days was about perfect. After that, we were ready to be in our little, family friendly beach house.

But back to the Turtle Bay. Did you see the picture of the pool? Cool, right? The view? Amazing. And did I mention, there was a tub large enough for 4 people in our huge, luxurious bathroom. I kid you not. We had our very own swimming pool.


Anonymous said...

Ok - I'm officially jealous - almost. I love your picture journaling.

Vickie said...

Lindsey, it has been awesome seeing your vacation. I'm so glad you got to go and enjoy yourselves!