Monday, September 8, 2008

{And the Winner is}

Katie!!!!! Yay, so exciting. So, it has been a little while since I posted that I was even doing this contest and I thought I better act on it soon. I don't want to lose credibility and become a contest fraud. If anyone needs reminding, this is the contest to help choose the music for my site. Since I still can't decide on the music I want I just used the random # picker to find my winner. You all had a 1/10 chance. Is that right? I need to re-watch 21 and pick up some mad statistical skills. Anyway, I checked into how much it costs to put music on your site and it is pretty dumb. It doesn't matter when you pay for it, you still have to renew in January. Um, yeah. I think I will wait. Why pay for a whole year now, when I will only have it for 4 months. So silly.
Anyway, good job Katie. Your prize is an 8X8 holga print of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Are you so excited? I sure hope so. Since we are totally blogging buddies I know how to get a hold of you, so we will be in contact (I'll have my people contact your people).

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Katie McDermott said...

You are so sweet... I don't really need any prizes, I'm pretty sure you have given me plenty this summer, to the tune of (a large dollar amount). That is dumb about the music... Oh well, maybe you will be able to find "the one" by January 09.