Friday, September 5, 2008

{The Fair}

Every year I get sooooo excited for the State Fair.
I love it.
It's a little random, but that is what makes it so great. I like the real cows, the butter cow, eating nasty food and people watching. It is an eclectic group at the fair.
This year Scott and I met up with my sibs (half of who have never been) and ate loads of bad food together. Scott had a meatball sandwhich (of course, ew) and I had smoked corn-on-the-cob (yummy with lemon pepper butter) and a funnel cake (gross). I haven't had a funnel cake since high school and I have been craving one for awhile now. The one last night was pure grease. I think I will be good for another 12 years.
Oh, and there are tigers this year at the fair. Weird. I felt bad for them because their cages are super small. I just finished reading "Water for Elephants" and I kept thinking those tigers are going to get out and eat me--see previous Jackson Hole post for Lindsey's greatest fear.
Tomorrow we are heading to the Greek Festival. Scott and I are living it up this week.


Design Gal said...

I love the fair and the greek festival! It's an awesome weekend!!!

I always feel bad for animals that are in little cages. What are tigers doing at the fair anyway? Psh...

Katie said...

So I have seen like 10 billion ads for the State Fair the past few weeks and I totally think of you, Scott, and your super adorable pics every single time!! Funnel cake, wow, I haven't had one of those for years! My guilty fair food indulgence is caramel apples- I heart them!!!

Have fun at the Greek festival and eat some baklava for me!

Taryn said...

It sounds like so much fun, Travis and I like to go to the fair too. Except I like the greasy funnel cakes! Yumm!

caitlin said...

This weekend is oh so busy for Bob and me, but we hope to make it to the Fair, Greek Festival, and the Avenues Street fair. Busy week indeed.

Oh and I love funnel cake, but I can only eat about 2 bites it's so rich!

We need to get together again soon. Maybe when your crazy wedding schedule clears up and my friends bridal, and baby showers are over!

Rob and Kelli said...

You guys are so supportive of your community events-way to go! I have yet to be as "cultured" as you two-you are definite inspiration! Hope you had fun!