Sunday, September 28, 2008

{The Great Escape Artist}

Oliver must be entering his terrible twos. He has found a way out of the yard. We have since fortified the fence line with rocks and rope, but imagine our surprise when we drove up the street and saw sneaky Oliver running down the road--wind in his hair, doggy smile plastered to his face.He was super excited to show us his new trick. I think he was trying to say,

"Hi Guys! Hi! Guess what, guess what? It's so easy, I don't know why I didn't do this before! See, I slip right here and then look! I'm in another yard. It is so cool. I just run and run and run! And now I can go find you. Isn't the the best? Okay, I'm bored now."


Taryn said...

Too funny- I think that is what he was thinking. Roxie's thoughts always seem so easy to read. Cute and naughty dog.

Rob and Kelli said...

Ha, ha, ha. That is so classic. Very funny post. Sounds like Oliver has a few tricks up his sleeve. And just a little bit of personality. By the way, I can't believe how HUGE & BIG he is. Jacob asked me why we don't have a pet the other day. Wishing we lived close to you-Oliver would solve the problem. Love ya!

simplycaitlin said...

I'm sure it's hard to be mad at such a cute pup. Love the pic.