Friday, September 12, 2008

{I Heart Polaroid}

Remember when Scott gave me a polaroid for my birthday and I was so super excited (but not surprised since I bought it on ebay). Anyway, I have been LOVING it. The polaroid is my new favorite camera. It has replaced the holga. So sad (I promise I'll come back to you H.).
I'm trying to get my mileage out of it before they stop making the film. Anyway, I have now accumulated quite a collection of pola's and in honor of my new favorite I'm instituting a pola a day over here. I can't guarantee I'll do it every day, and maybe I'll take weekends off, but still exciting nevertheless. At least I'm excited.
Here is a sneak peak of two of my favorites from my trip to Lake Tahoe.


caitlin said...

They look great, I am jealous. I have been thinking about digging mine up, but am having a hard time justifing the film. A couple of Christmases ago, I bought a couple boxes and went through them in one party. It was a lot of fun though! (oh and I am excited for the pola of the day)

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

So pretty! Lake Tahoe is my new goal destination :)