Monday, September 8, 2008

{The Lost Summer}

This summer has been a strange one. Mentally I have been stuck in June for the last 2 months. I could say I don't know where time went, but I'm pretty sure that has to do with me being hunched over a computer for the last 3 months. The yard work was abandoned this summer (oh the projects I had planned), food was pretty much abandoned (Reece's Pieces cereal anyone?) and sometimes Scott and Oliver were neglected too.
I was feeling pretty bad until I started tallying up some of the awesome things Scott and I still managed to do. So, in honor of me feeling better about my MIA summer, here is a tally of some of this summer's highlights,
1-Tin Foil Dinners with Dan, Tara, Fetus (AKA Spencer) and new blogging buddy Robin
2-A sweet 30th B-Day, complete with pampering for a day courtesy of Super Scott
3-The Drive-Inn to watch Kung Fu Panda (I really, really love the drive-inn)
4-Our first massive party ever--30 guests seemed massive to us. Happy 4th of July everyone!
5-Living Traditions Festival (with Marianne and Bryan)
6-Jazz Festival (with Whit)
7-Farmer's Market (thrice--yes that's right. I said thrice. I'm quoting Scott who in all seriousness said this in the car the other day. What ho!)
8-Deer Valley Concert (I made it once, Scott made it...thrice)
9-Jackson Hole (ahh, heaven)
10-Lake Tahoe (a little work, a lot of fun)
11-Monet to Picasso exhibit
12-Katie's Trash the Dress (my favorite shoot of the summer)
13-Bar-b-ques and picnics with friends (thanks for putting up with us and our crazy schedules)
14-State Fair (going three times this year)
15-and last, but not least, The Greek Festival.

Whew! Maybe I wasn't quite the hermit I felt like this year. I finally think I'm coming back to civilization. It's about time. I have been known this summer to tell Scott I'm too busy for talking right now, can we talk in an hour? I have been a little of a hot mess. Thanks one and all for putting up with my summer craziness.


Katie McDermott said...

I'm glad you consider our LONG day a positive from the summer! I definitely agree.... So fab.

I'm also glad you got to do all that fun stuff. Sometimes we seem so busy and are working so hard it seems like we don't do anything fun in life.

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

You had a jam-packed summer! Too bad we don't have another summer on top of this one so we can enjoy it all over again. It gets cold to fast!