Thursday, October 30, 2008

{Bad Lindsey}

Aren't these flowers pretty? I sure thought so when I got home last night and saw them on the table. The only problem is that I had no idea what they were for. I found myself in the classic guy-forgets-something-important sitcom situation.
I thought they could be 1 of 3 things,

1- A thank you gift from the soccer girls (I usually get something every year)
2-Make-up fight flowers (but we didn't have a fight, so that would be confusing)
3-Just because flowers

I thought I had figured it out with the just because philosophy, but I was so wrong.

They were our happy engagement anniversary flowers. It might sound silly but we celebrate this every year. Every year for 8 years and I TOTALLY spaced it this year. I think it got lost somewhere between worrying about my sample albums and expo frame.

Bad, bad, bad Lindsey!

Scott didn't mind. He said it will make up for the time he eventually forgets something important too.

Sorry buddy. Apparently my mind is still a little spastic.


caitlin said...

They are gorgeous! How nice of Scott. I think you guys are very ambitious to celebrate when you got engaged. I would forget every year!

rYLeE & KaTiE said...

The flowers are beautiful!! What a sweet, very personalized holiday you two share! It was super good to see you last night even though we didn't really get to chat. Sorry if I seemed a bit "distant/scatter brained/etc". It has been a crazy last few weeks.

I forgot to ask you if you still want me to help in Jan... I'm still available for whatever you need! Just let me know when and where!

Tim & Amber said...

Wow! They are beautiful flowers! We celebrated our engagement anniversary the first year we were married, but the tradition ended the second year when we were in the hospital having Avery. We now celebrate her birthday on the day we got engaged. It makes for a fun celebration either way. Congrats to you two!

Rob and Kelli said...

Those flowers are very pretty-they look like they are from artichokes-am I right? Way to remember Scott-I'm so very impressed. Hope all is well.

Tara and Dan said...

Oooooh pretty flowers- perfect fall colors!
HA! i love how Scott has turned this into a future life-line. At least now he's prepared for the future! :)