Thursday, October 2, 2008

{Easy Girls. Papa's fragile}

Poor Scott has been a little accident prone lately. First his kneecap came out of his socket during soccer practice (does this mean we are getting old) and then Oliver knocked him down the stairs--not on purpose. Scott thought he broke his tailbone, but we now think it is just bruised. For the first week after it happened Scott took a deep breath and cringed every time he sat down. Teaching must have been interesting.
This get well card is from our good friend Marianne (handmade). The message--so, so true.
By the way, I have really talented friends.


Rob and Kelli said...

That is cute. I'm glad Scott is feeling better. What a bummer turn of events. I'm sure it won't interfere with his fishing! :)

Design Gal said...

Love that card! Isn't Maryann the one who did the awesome christmas card last year with the photobooth pics? So talented!!!

Oh, and Scott- feel better!

Marianne said...

Whoa, "Design Gal" knows my 2007 Christmas card? Cool.

Just wait for 2008's Christmas card. It's going to be a doozie.

And Lindsey, thanks for the blog spotlight. I do love the attention, even though it's on the expense of dear Scott's injuries.