Thursday, October 30, 2008

{Pumpkin Smumpkin}

Scott and I carved pumpkins tonight. As you can see, one turned out a little better than the other.
Can you guess what the one on the right should be? If you look really close and squint you can probably tell that it looks like....nothing at all!
I got the brilliant idea half way through our pumpkin carving project to take a picture of Oliver and transform it on my pumpkin. Obviously, I will need to practice a little more next year to master the art. I like the idea of using one of my own pictures though.


caitlin said...

I could tell what it was right away. Happy Halloween!

Rob and Kelli said...

Wow you guys are good at pumpkin carving-it looks so perfect. You should enter a contest. I won't let you look at ours now...How did you make the detail to intricate? Very impressive!

Tara and Dan said...

How cool! I don't think I could get Dan to pull out all the pumpkin seeds in order to carve a pumpkin. He would start dry heaving.