Monday, March 23, 2009

{My Inspiration}

Sometimes I get asked what inspires me when I take pictures. I decided it is time to finally let you all in on my little secret--Sexy People. Only the most fabulous website ever. How awesome are these photos? Almost too awesome for words, right?

I think I have some childhood pictures worthy of the site. Remember, Taryn, the Sears Portrait studio session of 1994? The multi-hued Gap camp shirts? Classic.

Question. Is Chad making people nervous?

Sexy people originally found here.


caitlin said...

I know, when I had friends over on Friday night, I pulled open this website for all of us to look at. We all laughed so hard our stomachs were aching.

In fact Bob insisted on setting one as the background for our computer, so it scares me every time I walk in the room!

Tara said...

Oh my gosh! Those are the funniest pictures I've ever seen! Hilarious!

SuperGabers - The Mom said...

Dude... take Chip N' Dale off! YUCK!