Tuesday, March 17, 2009

{What To Do When You Are Sick}

Go on a ROAD TRIP to Moab!!!!

Yeah, that might not have been our smartest idea, but we had booked our hotels awhile back and I decided I could tough it out. Car drive + nausea = not very good. Despite it all (weakness, coughing, runny nose, nausea and general wimpiness) I had a good time. Hopefully Scott had a good time too--he managed to get my head cold but not my stomach issues.

I'm starting to think this nausea thing isn't related to my cold, but something else. Food and I are starting to be at odds with each other. All I know is nothing sounds good, but when it does I have to eat it right away or I lose the moment. The longer I don't eat the sicker I get. Scott was telling me what he had for lunch yesterday and I made him stop. In fact I need to stop typing this. Thinking about food isn't so smart either.

Anyway, the trip was fun, but we want to go back and do the hikes when I have a little more energy. I took lots of Polaroids (way more fun than the digital). I'll post them when I feel like scanning. Who knows when that will be?


JT and Lizzie Davis said...

I heart the western desert - red rocks against a birght blue sky, beautiful!

caitlin said...


i have been wanting to do Moab for so long now. Especially since Bob hasn't been. He hasn't been to Zion's either. Let's all go on a road trip!

(when you feel better of course.. which by the way when do you think that will be? 9 months? I'm sorry you feel icky, it seems like you have been dealing with colds for a while!)

GET BETTER! (I was shouting that at your sub-conscious.. hopefully that helps .. BE HEALED! ;)

Taryn said...

Linds- that is for sure pregnant related nausea. I feel for you! I REALLY, REALLY DO!

Rob and Kelli said...

Glad you could get away for a weekend...sorry you are feeling so sick. I too feel for you-nausea is so not fun!!! At least the cold has passed, although you may think that is more enjoyable that your present status.