Thursday, March 19, 2009

{Ok, I'm Not Going Crazy}

I'm self-diagnosing right now but I'm pretty sure I had Influenza B. I had all the symptoms,

runny nose
extreme tiredness

and I have been sick for 6 weeks. Plus it is going around (I talked to two people today who have it). Instant Care didn't diagnose this, but I think they should have. Not like there was much I could do about it anyway. Sometimes, though, when I'm sick I wonder if it is all in my head and I'm really not sick but just a super wimp.

Anyone else out there have this?


Allison said...

Megan Joy from american idol has it! Hope you feel better soon.

caitlin said...

I'm sorry you are so ill! I hope you feel better in a jiff. It was fun seeing you yesterday, and you didn't talk too much about yourself. It was fun to catch up. Seriously, when you feel better we need to do a game night or something.

(oh and I told Bob that you like the name Max too, do you want to know exactly what he said? "Max is a nerds name, he'll get teased." Scott and him are just alike!)