Friday, March 20, 2009

{Thanks Oliver}

Scott and I had a little surprise when we got home tonight.

Oliver had,

A-eaten the dozen wheat rolls I had purchased last week from Great Harvest. I bought them in an attempt to be multi-grain conscious, but since the "sickness" started they have since lost their appeal. They sat on the counter for 10 days. For 10 days Oliver wasn't interested. But tonight he ate all of them, including the plastic bag.

B-An entire pack of Shick's Intuition Razors. They are the kind that have a soap bar around the razor. They cost $10 for 3, which = expensive. Luckily he didn't eat the razor, just the soap. There are now soapy razor bits all over the floor.

C-Paper towels.

What a weird and destructive dog.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
You should try getting one of those treat toys where they have to figure out how to get the treat/peanut butter out of the toy. That might give him something to occupy his time with. Let me know if it works.
Love ya,

caitlin said...

Oh Oliver you naughty cute little dog you. In his defense, Great Harvest is really tasty.. maybe he was trying to stay away, but couldn't do it any longer. I mean they were sitting there staring at him for 10 days.

rYLeE & KaTiE said...

Oh, Oliver. You are such a naughty dog. But too cute to be mad at....

Funny post Lindsey! I hope if you are doing that dinner thing today that you have a blast! Or if you already did it... You will have to let me know how you liked it because I need to fit that in sometime...