Saturday, November 20, 2010

Curb Appeal

While the progression of our home remodel might only be interesting to me, I like seeing the improvements.  So forgive me as I wax on about all the hard work, labor of love, blah blah.

When we first bought our house it looked like the photo above.  See, the for sale sign was even in the picture when Google Maps took it.  It was a little overgrown, but we saw the potential.

After a few months of care, it looked like the photo below.  We diligently hand watered (no sprinkler system!) and worked on the copious amount of weeds.  The following spring we added a Maple Tree.  It was so exciting to plant our very first tree ever.  I'm happy to say it is thriving.

Last year we added the fence, minus the gate.  Do you see all that ivy in the picture?  It was not an easy job to get rid of.  We landscaped the park strip, removed all the plants and repaired the crumbling porch.  So we pretty much had what's in the picture on the bottom right. 

This year was the big year.  We landscaped the entire front yard, put in a new sprinkler and drip system, and had a new front door and porch pillars installed.  I think it looks pretty great.  It feels so homey when we pull up.  I just took these pictures today, so most of the leaves are gone, but you kind of get the idea.  I think it will look great in the Spring when the plants fill in more and the rest of the grass grows in (from the sprinkler tear-up).  There are nearly 200 plants there, and 3 new trees.  It was a big project, but Scott and I both enjoy working outside.  Next year we are excited to do some major rehauling of the backyard.  Right now it is pretty much Oliver's domain and poo sanctuary.  We have our work cut out for us there, but I can't wait.  For now, I'm loving our new and improved front yard.  And for the record, after 10 years of no sprinkler system, we are in heaven. 

It is amazing what one summer of hard work can do.
Do you like the hay bale that is keeping our new gate closed?  
We have yet to put the latches on!

P.S.  Scott's cousin Chris did our front door and pillars
Andrew did our custom gates
And my dad spent many hours helping us with the sprinkler system

Post Edit:  These photos were taken on Saturday.  When I woke up Sunday my beautiful Tri-Color Beech was snapped in half.  The one that looks so beautiful in the pictures, right next to the house.  It was lovely, and expensive and I might cry.  Luckily the other trees were able to be saved.  And this is the only first snow of the season. 


design gal said...

so sorry to hear about your tree! i love, love, love your new pillars and door though- and the landscaping looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

LuAnn Said...

Everything you did looks beautiful. It really is to bad about the tree.

lifeinredshoes said...

The house looks wonderful! Our daughter and her husband just bought a home that was built in 1948 and I love it, would trade her in a heartbeat.
Sorry about the tree, but I can just picture Lucy growing up with that maple:)

kimsueellen said...

I love your house! Sorry about your tree! BOO!

Patty Girl said...

Those pillars seriously change the entire look of the house! It looks so great. I've always thought you had such a cute house. Now I see it is because of all your hard work. It is nice to show off everything you have done and what are hours (I'm sure!)of labor behind it. Would you be interested in landscaping our yard next spring?

Taryn said...

what a difference! Love the pillars!