Monday, November 1, 2010

The Fair

This year, I'm sad to say, the State Fair lost some of it's tacky, whacky shine. The bad food was just bad, not bad in a good way. The animals were sad, the booths disappointing.
Not even the sea lions could save the day.

Maybe it was because some of my favorite rides and booths were gone, maybe it was because it was too hot, and too expensive. Maybe it was because I ate from a used gelato spoon, or had a big dead bug in my lemonade. But I'm pretty sure it was because the photo button booth lady had it in for me. I freely admit I was trying to take a picture of her booth. Because it was awesome. Awesomely BAD. And I like to take pictures of awesomely crazy things. But I think she thought I was taking photos of it because I thought it was awesome in a let-me-copy-you-way. Which was unfortunate, because she kind of FREAKED OUT. Not only did she grab my arm, but she also demanded I erase the photo, show my credentials, give her my address, business card and purpose for being at the fair. I seriously thought she was going to punch me. And I couldn't find Scott or Lucy anywhere.

At the end of the night, I had to admit, I didn't have any fun.

But I wont let go of my affair with the fair this easily. I vow to fall in love again. I will revel in fried food, funky booths and the big yellow slide again. I think going on the cheapie night will help. And eating beforehand. And paying attention to the spoon Scott gives me. And wearing more comfortable shoes. I might have to keep a close eye out for crazy people.

and I'll skip the lemonade.

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Patty Girl said...

Love the fair pictures! Sorry you fell out if love with the fair this year but I think the fair can redeem itself. I mean funnel cakes alone are worth it right? We haven't ever ventured to the Greek festival though but after your post I think we are definitely going to check it out!