Friday, November 5, 2010

Sensitive Lucy

Lucy has a silly side, but she also has a very shy side.  She is a snuggler and when we go places, she gets even more snuggly.  She likes to observe, but doesn't like too much attention on herself.  The other day she was giving eyes to an older gentlemen at the lab.  He gave her smiles back, and she nearly folded herself in half against me.  Her head was buried in and legs tucked up.  She doesn't like strangers holding her, and if someone tries to take her, she clings to me with a death grip.

When we get her up from her naps, she likes to pat our backs.  It is very McDermott of her, but I think she actually gets that from Scott.  When I walk in the room she says, "mama!" and when she is tired, she wants hugs.  She will sit on my lap and play, but then every few minutes, lean in for a back rub.  She does kisses more and more, which is usually the open mouth variety. 

I like this soft, snuggly side to Lucy.  I like that people tell me, "she loves her mama," when she is hiding in my shoulder.  I like watching her observe.  Her mind is always going, and I know she picks up on everything we are doing.  She tries to put he own clips in her hair, and feeds herself with her spoon.  She pats Oliver and plays with my hair. 

She also has a silly and stinker side.  She tells me, Doh, all the time.  Doh, she doesn't want to eat that, Doh, she doesn't want to be put down. 

But right now I'm loving my shy little bean.  I love that I'm her comfort and safety.  And that she looks for me when she is sad or scared.  Nobody could have told me how wonderful these little moments are.
And there are some hard ones too.  But nothing can replace walking into a room, and a little munchkin saying,

"Hi Mama!"

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kimsueellen said...

On a completely unrelated note, without Emmaree seeing this, she was just asking when Lucy was going to come and play again. :) I told her Camilla would have to learn to be nicer. My kid is such a bruiser.

Love this post, she is the sweetest and you are the best mama. xo