Monday, December 29, 2008

{Buon Natale}

Last year Scott and I decided to start a cultural exploration tradition. Every Christmas we would celebrate the traditions of a different country. Naturally, we started with Italy. The national Italian Christmas dinner unfortunately turned out to be fried eel (what no gnocchi!?) Not being that dedicated, we went with the runner-up, pasta al forno.
Afterwards, we walked over to our favorite neighborhood Christmas light show. It was sooo much smarter to walk this time instead of drive (that street has it own personal traffic jam). If you haven't been there, just imagine Clark Griswold to the 10th degree and synchronized with music. We always wonder if this house is the 9th circle of hell for the neighbors. We love it though.
Later we watched Il Postino and desserted on traditional Panettone and some dolci. I'm pretty sure Il Postino isn't a Christmas traditizone, but it is Italia and that is bene.
What a lovely Buon Natale we had!


Taryn said...

we were thinking of doing that next year! Looked fun.

caitlin said...

I really like this idea. Very creative, and a great way to get a different side of Christmas. I think I may copy you when we have kids. I think it would be a great way to teach them about other countries, and help them realize they are not in a little Utah bubble.

p.s. good choice on the eel!

Design Gal said...

cute idea!

p.s. isn't that house tacky? so tacky i love it! poor neighbors!

Rob and Kelli said...

What a fun idea!!! It sounds like it was a great night. It's always great to create your own family traditions. Next time can we come? :)