Sunday, December 28, 2008

{Colby, You Are Funny}

Colby gave all of us this present for Christmas. He makes me smile. Inside were 2 breath mints and two candy canes. The boxes were handmade too.
Colby, you are one funny kid.
He also likes to hide birthday presents in random places and he once made a book about Scott. It was about (farts) and it was illustrated.
Thanks Colby for keeping life silly.

On a side note I was wondering if it was time to stop eating Christmas cookies for breakfast? Keep going until they run out?


brad&sav said...

i keep eating the cookies,and pies, and treats till they are all gone!

Taryn said...

I just threw away about half of our stuff. but you should keep eating yours! Miss you! Thanks again for my cute shirt.

caitlin said...

Um yes, I encourage eating of the yummy (bad for you) holiday food until the new year, and then I head to the gym. Glad you had a great Christmas!