Thursday, December 18, 2008

{It's Not That I Don't Like You...}

I'm fairly new to the Christmas cardlalapalooza festivities. Last year was my first sending them out and I found it strangely satisfying (I'm participating in a Christmas tradition. Yay me!)
I'm a little paranoid that I missed someone though and if I did maybe that person's feelings are hurt and wonder if I don't like them. I'm here to say I love you and want to send you a card. I really, really do, but if you haven't gotten one it is because I don't have your address.
So please, please email me your address at and I will put one in the mail pronto. They are super cute and you should really feel a very strong desire to possess one. If it is any incentive, Scott licked all of the envelopes.


caitlin said...

I meant to tell you thank you for the card and it was darling today when I saw you, but all I can say about today, was everything went wrong, and it was a crazy fest. But thanks for the darling card!

I have been working on my cards for a week now. Like you I was worried I was going to miss someone. I think they are all out now though!

Design Gal said...

i felt the same way- i wish i could have sent one to EVERYONE but printing and postage is expensive! i sent out 40 cards!!! wowza! 75% was to family (andrew's family is HUGE) and the rest was friends!
I still love it though!

brad&sav said...

i love my card!!! thanks!

Taryn said...

Very cute card!