Sunday, December 14, 2008

{These Look Fun}

Scott and I are going small (really, really small) for Christmas this year, but it is still fun to dream up a wish list.

Digital Rolleiflex-Urban Outfitters

Or better yet, the real thing-Ebay

Robot alarm clock-Urban Outfitters

Some real nice bedding-Anthropologie

I'm not sure if anything I own is as stylish as these boots, but I'm willing to put my clothes to the test-Anthropologie
A much needed staple-J.Crew

More Polaroid inspiration-For the Love of Light

I love tarts, a lot-Williams and Sonoma

Pie plate-Williams and Sonoma

I always read Lynette's-Real Simple Magazine

Floor Cushion (we need more sitting space)-Crate and Barrel

This tumbler reminds me of my Grandma Colby- Anthropologie

I'd like one of these in an L or S-Anthropologie

These dresses are cute-Anthropologie


Design Gal said...

These are all perfect! Love the boots!!!

Taryn said...

It is fun to dream, I like all the things on your list! I like the boots too!

caitlin said...

Leave it to Anthro to make me salivating for their presents!

rYLeE & KaTiE said...

Fun post! It is definitely fun to dream!!!! There is always something at Anthro that you can dream about.... Usually more than 1 something right? :)