Wednesday, March 5, 2008

{Duomo Museum}

We were soooo tired today and COLD. It was windy, rainy and freezing. Not a hang out at the plaza kind of afternoon. We still ate gelato though, eating it outside and bundled up in our winter coats.
In the morning we went to the Uffizi, which was totally overwhelming. I brought my camera, which turned into such a hassle. We couldn't bring the bag into the museum but we couldn't check the camera in the coat check either. Scott ended up having to carry my backpack on his chest. He looked preggers. He cracked the security guards up by telling them he was wearing it with joy. Later we went to the Duomo museum where I could take pictures. I love the statues. There is a group of 3 looking most conversational and other statue that is about to gets its kung fu on.
Later on, after a long nap, we went out to dinner and made some new friends. We knew we were in trouble when the couple who was seated next to us first asked the Italian couple next to them if they were from Italy and if they spoke English. Once they found out we spoke English we were fast friends. Scott and I decided early into the conversation that we weren't going to be having a nice and quiet dinner after all and gave ourselves up to the experience. The wife kept grabbing Scott's arm and talking very animatedly in his face and Scott was gracious about his loss of private space. They were from Tennessee and this was their first time in Italy. They were loud, friendly and open. They told us that the bread in Italy isn't very good (no salt, which we already knew) and that the meat here is really fatty and we are lucky that our meat quality in America is so much better, Ouch! By the end of the night we had exchanged email addresses and I'm sure we will be hearing from them in the future. They made me laugh, but I bet they make friends wherever they go. Scott and I felt like we were having an authentic Americans in another country experience.
~Buon Notte

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