Monday, March 3, 2008


Today we went to Siena. We left early in the morning on the bus. It was lovely. I was listening to Amelie on my ipod and watching the sun come up over the Tuscan countryside. I was feeling a definite sense of oneness with the world. The homeward trip on the bus wasn't so idyllic. I was fighting the urge to puke the whole hour home. Hopefully green suits me. We were on top of a double decker bus that swayed this way and swayed that way. There was no air conditioning or windows that opened and the sun was coming in strong through the windows. Ugh! My old car sick days were back. I haven't been that sick in a vehicle in a long time. I realize as I'm typing this that some of you might be wondering why I was so sick, but the answer is no, it was just a really bouncy, bumpy, suffocating, mind-over-matter-so-I-don't-spew-all-over-you bus trip.
In between bus rides we got to enjoy bella Siena. Scott and I are considering buying a Villa in the countryside and an apartment in the city. We are told that is what the Italians do. Maybe grow olives and press our own olive oil? This is a wonderful time of year to travel. All of the fruit trees are in bloom and everything is green. It is jeans and jacket weather. It is still crowded though so I can't even imagine the summer time.
Here are some of the gorgeous reliefs from the floor of the cathedral in Siena. I have decided that Italian art is often very violent, however I thought these were amazing. Scott said these are usually covered up during high season. Another perk to traveling in March.

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